I am available for personal life empowerment coaching from my coaching room at Beighton Lifestyle Centre Sheffield S20 1HE or via Zoom/ Skype should you be further afield. 

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Coaching in its purest form is eliciting answers for the client from the client. I am the catalyst for your change and help to open the gateway to your thoughts and inner feelings. This helps you to find your answers and make your own plan.

I am really good at helping you see things from a different angle. You will look at issues, situations and often people with a different perspective and your whole situation changes just from how you feel inside. Gain a can do attitude. Self-doubt and worry are relinquished and replaced with confidence and the realisation that you are good enough.

That is when the magic happens.

Individual coaching sessions are an hour and  have a cost of £70.00

Want to go deeper?

Packages are available. Six session of Life Empowerment Coaching  | £380.00

Energy Life Coaching.

An  life empowerment coaching combined Reiki.
An hour of life coaching followed by half an hour of universal healing Reiki. Combining the two gives you a powerhouse of personal growth and release.
The Reiki complements the coaching perfectly as during the Reiki session the previous hours coaching is worked on by the universal energy. Helping to release physical and emotional blocks and the “stuff” that holds us back often identified during the coaching session. £90.00

Want to go deeper?

Oh you will believe me! My signature session x 6 How AMAZING!
Combining Coaching and Reiki is a powerful process. Times it by six and your life will change no doubt!
Each session is a focused hour long coaching session followed by half an hours Reiki, Reiki is universal energy so the energy will help to focus on the coaching session, release limiting beliefs and physical and emotional blocks that have held you back. It is amazing.  Personal Investment £490.00


The Power of Three

My signature exclusive package. Working towards a life renewed. Changes in thoughts, expectations, increase in confidence, self awareness, self love and self esteem. I believe that the introduction of The Power of Three Gratitude Acceptance and Detachment changes the way you view your world, your personal expectation is raised, you will see huge shifts in your perception of your world. A wonderful journey of self-discovery. The Power of Three sees huge growth and development moving from “mind-set” to “whole-set” which means the shift is made from thinking about the should, could and maybe to becoming a natural flow. Living life in ease welcoming changes and challenges and always being authentic.

Spaces are limited on this  three-month personal programme. Therefore it is application only and I work with a maximum number of clients to ensure we get the best of each other. It can be challenging, but it is so worth it as the changes are measurable and desired. We will meet in person at least 6 times for energy coaching and release. There will also be two half day sessions and full support between sessions via text and phone.
You will be challenged, you will begin to live your life with Gratitude Acceptance and Detachment. Now that is a game changer.

To discuss the programme further and apply for the next opening for The Power of Three. Book a discovery call today.

Business Boosters

Balancing Act

Are you a woman in business?

Feel torn between the persona you have in your business or career and the one at home? You are not alone many women feel the same successful in all of their lives yet something is missing. They perhaps don’t recognise themselves anymore.

I love to work with women like that helping them to gain their confidence, realign their values, shed limiting beliefs and show the world their truth. Working on much more than mind-set Balancing Act will help to release the stresses ad strains we put upon ourselves. The result being it is not just a work life balance that is achieved but Work and Life that we fall in love with again.

The Balancing Act package is bespoke for each individual client and we will work out a package and course of coaching that may include energy work. Therefore price on application.

Elaine Mitchell coaching was fantastic. I was having a problem at networking events speaking in an impactful way. Elaine helped devise a pitch, very different to my usual one and much more powerful. She was very easy to talk to and not at all intimidating. I would definitely use her services again.
Sandra Zambelli

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