When is a Coach not a Coach?

When is a Coach not a Coach?

When is a Coach A Coach

When they are a means of transport.  Helping customers get from A-B
When  they work with individuals helping them through skilled questioning and listening techniques to generate progress and a resolution / solution to their specific objective.  Helping clients get from A-B

When is a coach not a coach?

When they are not offering a ride in your direction.
When they offer training, direction, mentoring and a plan of action.

If your coach offers you mentoring, training or direction they are not coaching you.  I am not saying they are not helping and I am not devaluing their services but they are not coaching you.

I am a coach. I worked long and hard for my stripes attended weekend training sessions, burnt the midnight oil doing research and training, spent many hours coaching before I was officially a coach. I know when I am coaching a client and I know when I am offering guidance, support, training and mentoring .

I first dipped my toe into the world of self- development during my time in the direct sales market. I loved all things about the growth and development I made during that almost decade.

After leaving the industry I trained as a life coach. I wanted to expand on the work I had done in the sales environment and help people to grow and develop more organically. Specialising in working with women whom run their own businesses. Ironically most of them are in MLM / Direct Sales or run their own businesses.

So imagine my horror after I qualified with distinction went along with my bright shiny business cards to many networking events and everyone and their aunt was a Coach. So many people out there using the title of coach or said they coached people but they didn’t they showed them, they directed them, they pushed them. They are not coaches.

Coaching is

Asking, delving, nurturing and allowing people to make their own choices decided on their own actions and steps to take forward.  A coach does not have a vested interest in the destination or the direction of the client. Clare Wildman states
“The distinction of a coach is that they do not have a vested interest in which direction you take and this is one of the key areas where they bring benefit. Friends, family and managers wall have a version of you that they want / need you to be. Your chosen coach wants you to be the best you can be whatever that may be. ”
How amazing that someone just wants you to be the best version of yourself what ever that may be.

In MLM many of the recruiters will state that they coach people to build their own businesses. In many ways they do.
But there is often a fall out in the industry, maybe though a lot of this fallout could be avoided if the deep down blocks and limiting beliefs that hold back were addressed and dealt with as individuals.

MLM & Direct sales are

Recruiting, showing, teaching and mentoring. Directing people to build a business with a method that works, when the system is followed.

There is a coaching element as the “why” and the reasons for joining the business is elicited, generally to get an idea of how far they will move forward and the income required.  But knowing your why is not always the answer if there are other blocks in the way. Progression in the business is easy if enough effort and time is put into said system then you will gain success. I have witnessed this and had a good level of success personally by following the principles.

But these leaders are not coaches. They are mentors, trainers and managers.

Why do they use the word coach? Is it because it is a softer sound as opposed to manager? And in the industry we are all team mates, buddies & friends so yes possibly coach is a softer option, giving the impression of freedom and development. Plus it is such a buzz word.

I am proud to be a coach.

I am proud to have spent time in Direct Sales and MLM and I can see the differences in both arenas.

Using coaching and the success methods for MLM combined will build a fantastic business. It will also use strategies to eliminate limiting beliefs, money blocks, self-esteem and confidence issues along with a whole host of other things that could be preventing success.

Can you relate to any of this post? Let me know your thoughts below its good to talk.

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