He was told last weekend.

His energy zapping hold on my life was no longer required.

I dumped Justin Case and headed up to the loft.

I have no idea why I chose to go up there on the hottest day of the year. Why after 8+ years of stuff being there that I decided enough was enough if Justin  didn’t need the “stuff” today then it was highly unlikely he and it would be needed in the near future.

I climbed up and down again and again. Loaded up the car with C**p and set the alarm for the ungoldy hour of 5.00am.

5.30am the following morning I was in the middle of field unpacking the car and searching for Winnie the Pooh in my peripheral vision as it was certainly proving to be a blustery day.

By 1.00pm I had packed the car, visited the tip, the Charity shops, all evidence of Justin and his sorry little ass gone.

How did it feel Clearing Clutter?

Better, much better, lighter and a few quid better off too!

Making a decision to deal with the energy zappers, the “stuff” that we hold onto Just In Case and the things taking up space in our homes and zapping energy.  Sometimes the decisions to let go of “stuff” is easy and you cannot understand why it hasn’t been dealt with before. Sometimes it is a challenge to release “stuff” that no longer serves, due to emotional and physical attachment. However once it has been dealt with energy levels rise, and of course space is created and therefore makes way for new opportunities.

Does “Stuff” Impact on Mental Health?

Houselogic state “Clutter has a profound affect on our mood and self-esteem.” Check it out it makes sense.  “People get emotionally paralyzed when dealing with stuff that has an emotional tie to it.” Yes they do I have witnessed it many times with clients having someone support you during the process is beneficial.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book is a quick read and some of the formula may not be for you personally but I do recommend it. I read it and started with gusto. I use a lot of the theory personally. However some aspects of it didn’t and couldn’t apply to my personal space and circumstances.

Use the  formula’s and magic solutions if they fit in your life and your belief pattern. It is your journey and you should be happy with that journey and it’s flow. If they don’t fit adjust them to fit and work in a way that suits you personally.

When working on your surroundings and dealing with the stuff around you remember it is not about living a minimalist lifestyle – Unless that is what you are aiming for. It is about enjoying your space and the energy it creates for you. We are all so very different from the colours and themes we are drawn to along with the furniture and decoration we prefer.

Here is a video giving my thoughts on the space you live and work in. Along with some information relating to making decisions about what to keep, recycle, donate or tip.

Are you ready to look at your space from a new perspective?

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