Time to buckle down and dump Justin’s sorry little ass once and for all.

Time to Clear Electronic Clutter

The virtually invisible energy and time zapper that is prevalent in our modern lifestyle.

Today we are dealing with the overwhelm of the modern world and creating some Cyber Space.

I know it is all virtual and you really don’t have 324 letters dropped on your doorstep. Imagine if you physically did have 324 actual letters in your home. You would find a way of dealing with them wouldn’t you and there is no way they would be unattended. Half left unopened the other half saved for “Justin”  That raises the question why do many people save their emails unopened, why do they leave the opened ones? “Justin case”

If it were real physical envelopes, you may chose to un-open them, but they wouldn’t be left on the doorstep they would be shredded or put in the bin.

The opened ones would be filed away if needed for a later date or again shredded or put in bin.

Having lots of unopened and un-actioned email has the same energetic effect when you go into your email you see the ones that are there xxx unopened xxx just sat there and xxxx junk.

Pop some time aside to deal with an overwhelming in box. It can be done in one swoop or maybe allocate 15 minutes every day until the task is completed.

Why do we accept junk mails and mailing lists for products and services that we no longer have an interest in?

Unsubcribe from mailing lists and websites that are no longer of interest or maybe send out too much too often.

Social Media

There are many things we do in the virtual world that we maybe wouldn’t stand for in the real world.

If someone walked up to you in the street asking for a thumbs up to show  support of disease and illness. Or maybe they asked you to take a picture of their cat and show all your friends. Would you think it normal behaviour and would you show your support by sharing the information and giving a thumbs up?

You wouldn’t generally accept invitations to events or membership of clubs that are of no personal interest to you – Yet how many times have you been added to groups and invited to events that are of no relevance to you?

It is time to remove yourself from those groups, forums and conversations that do not serve.

It is time to delete and trash the mail that is not relevant.

It is time to Create some Cyber Space.

Why is it so important to have the virtual space?

It is the same as when in the real world. By removing the negative, the “stuff” serve you, It is a way of raising your energy vibration.

Clearing electronic clutter helps you to feel lighter and makes way for new opportunities. Your in-box isn’t so overwhelming, there are no requests to watch a video of a dog taking a rabbit for a walk. You are opening up the space to receive things that generally interest you and will serve in your life.

Have a think about how much time you spend in the virtual world. How much of that time and energy is wasted?

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Make some cyber space and watch for the positive effects.

Tomorrow we are dealing with physical “stuff” see you then. 


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