It is the end of Children’s Mental Health Week.

The week was launched by the Duchess of Cambridge, to help raise awareness about the mental health of children in the UK.
You can see the video launch made by the Duchess here.

Building a Resilient Child

Words of Wisdom

Building children’s confidence, self esteem and resilience will not only help them gain emotional awareness, empathy and build resilience in childhood but for adulthood too.  A child who proves resilient will have a toolbox of capability that they can recall on for future use.

Summary of Posts for Childrens Mental Health Week

Monday saw the launch of the week and I spoke about 5 tips for well-being

Tuesday was all about building resilience remember the old ad? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”

Wednesday A personal blog speaking of how we are building the confidence, resilience and self-esteem of our daughter who has dyspraxia.

Thursday was about the importance of relaxation, mindfulness and connecting the family. Download the 28 Activities and Relaxations for families.

Today here is a suggestion to help the older kids.

It is still important to continue building resilience and self-esteem in the older kids.

They have a lot to contend with  hormones, teenage angst, peer pressure, exam stresses, life decisions be it what to wear for a date or what exams to cram for. Not forgetting the constant stress of social media and if you are wearing the ‘right’ brand.

So what can be done to help?

Here is an excellent exercise to help rebalance and gain awareness of emotions.

Black White Breath.

Black –White breath is a powerful way to control and regulate breathing and stress levels. By combining visualisation and breathing techniques just a few minutes of this exercise can have a positive impact on physical and emotional well-being.

Simply visualise the breath as it leaves the body. Taking shape as black smoke form a chimney. The expelled breath and smoke is stress, negativity, worry, pain or any negative emotion that could weigh them down. The idea being that just like smoke from a chimney as it goes up into the atmosphere it soon dispels and can no longer be seen. If this is held in visualisation then the participant can imagine their personal worries being dispelled in this way.

During inhalation, the visualisation of a white energy coming into the body  replaces the black negative energy with an enlivening white positive energy that energises and replaces the stress and worry.

Download the Recording Here 
Building a Resilient Child

If you have enjoyed the series for Children’s Mental Health Week,

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