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Online Ready

Due to the Corona Virus and many changes to work patterns, there has been a sharp rise in home working and virtual meetings.

The virtual meetings and presentations are taking place in kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, and garages across the world. Many with kids being home-schooled on the table or in the room next door. It puts pressure on our work environment and mental health.


So how do you prepare and deal with not only the pressure of the new work patterns but also having to face your peers, superiors and potential clients from the screen?
Many have reservations about leaping into the virtual meeting space. Many have been doing it for years but are still not comfortable and then some don’t know where to start as they are so nervous about being onscreen.

It is funny, isn’t it? We maybe don’t give a second thought to going into a meeting face to face or making a phone call but to some the thought of being on screen is pretty daunting.


Let me make sure you are online ready For Free help, support and advice join my online Facebook Group.

Elevator Pitch to Passion Pitch

Creating the Pitch to get you noticed.


Does the thought of an elevator pitch fill you with dread?
Does speaking at networking events make you feel inferior?
Do you worry about getting your message across?
Who speaks in an elevator?

We are British we don’t even get in elevators! We get in lifts and we certainly don’t make eye contact let alone speak!

How do you network effectively how do you get your point across without sounding desperate or like you want the earth to swallow you up?

We only get a few seconds to make a first impression. We only get sixty seconds to make an effective and fruitful pitch.

This session is and ideal for all business owners or those who have to network as part of their role. It will empower the attendees to speak with confidence at networking events and conferences.

Balancing Act

Are you a woman in business? Feel torn between the persona you have in your business or career and the one at home? You are not alone many women feel the same successful in all of their lives yet something is missing. They perhaps don’t recognise themselves anymore. I love to work with women like that helping them to gain their confidence, realign their values, shed limiting beliefs and show the world their truth. Working on much more than mind-set Balancing Act will help to release the stresses ad strains we put upon ourselves. The result being it is not just a work life balance that is achieved but Work and Life that we fall in love with again. The Balancing Act package is bespoke for each individual client and we will work out a package and course of coaching that may include energy work. Therefore price on application.

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