Quote from Jim Carrey

If you practised Authentic Living
What would it look like?

How would people view you and how would you feel?

Being a practitioner of authentic living means being congruent from the “inside out”

From the inside out?
Sound a bit complicated or a bit new age?

It is simply letting everyone and anyone see the authentic you.

Being aware of your feelings and letting them show. Simply being you and above all accepting you are good enough to be fully on show in the world.

Have you ever looked at someone you admire and wished you were more like them?

Chances are they are living from the inside out. Their mind, heart and soul co-exist congruently. There are no should, coulds, oughts no wishes and yearnings for lost opportunities just a simplicity in their life where everything appears effortless.

It is effortless,  doing something you want to do, be it playing with your child, working, a sporting activity or anything at all if you are fully engaged in the moment it is effortless to be there.

I am not saying there is no effort involved. Of course there is effort involved in parenting, working and play but the effort is to ensure you are doing your best, engaged and living that moment.

Rather than the effort being heavy and lethargic, it is an effort to show up and carry out the task  all the while your mind wishing the time would pass quicker or the shift would finish.

If you are not following your hearts desire, your path or your dreams you are existing and not living, you are probably chasing someone else’s dreams.   

I spent years chasing others dreams as I thought that no one would want to listen to me, no one would want my opinions I was just a girl from a council estate who although bright didn’t pursue academia as it wasn’ what girls like that did.
I was letting outside influences crush my calling.

But I  was successful,  I was really good at almost making it. I almost got promoted in jobs that didn’t like. I discovered I didn’t like being told what to do and really didn’t like it when the “underdogs” were ignored or excluded.  It went against my values and belief system. I wasn’t happy in the roles I had. I never had any “luck” and everything was such an effort. The reason it was such an effort for me to be in an office – because it was what was expected of me not what I expected of myself. I was living a lie dancing to the beat of outside influences.

I was however really good at making people feel better about their appearance.

True beauty and authenticity comes from within

True beauty and authenticity comes from within

No matter how much make up is applied  or how wonderful your skincare routine is
If the inside isn’t smiling the outside won’t be glowing.


I recall during my time as a makeup artist I would attend transvestite weekends and help the girls with their makeup. It was always a fantastic time with some of the most authentic people I had ever met. During those weekends nothing but authenticity shone as the men would transform their external appearance to reflect what they truly felt inside.

Sadly though some of them could only experience that level of authenticity during those two days in a hotel with strangers who were at that moment in time their best friends.  Some would return “home” to their lives as Husband, Father, Son, Brother and their families would have no idea about their alter ego as those men felt they couldn’t be their authentic self in the outside world.

This is a dramatic example of living from the inside out but it is also a great way to consider if you are being honest with yourself.

If your true self is hidden deep down inside and those around you be it at work, in business or at home then you will eventually begin to lose your spark and you will just go through the motions of life and work and play.


My story carried on working hard in various roles that didn’t suit, but I liked the look of the lifestyle the perks or thought it was something I should be doing. I always almost made it, but there were always blocks and curve balls in the way.

Eventually I listened to the whispers of my soul, I started living from the inside out. I started caring for myself physically and emotionally. I followed my path and not that of a friend, a colleague, or a businessman I admired.

I still admire them and will take direction and inspiration but now I am dance to my tune.

Listen to the whispers of your soul.

Listen to the whispers of your soul.

The Jim Carrey address from 2014 discusses how to live an authentic life. Invest 26 minutes or so into listening to this man talk about his gratitude and the fact that he truly lives his authentic life.

Are you authentic and living from the inside out?

Many people are not. I can help. I have been there but now I live my life authentically every day.
I can help you find your purpose and listen to the whispers of your soul.

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