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Let the Gratitude Flow

The Attitude of Gratitude will Change your Life.

Today is about a subject that is driving force behind my entire life. The attitude of gratitude, by using gratitude on a daily basis this middle aged Yorkshire girl’s life has been totally transformed.

From a grumpy “has not”, laying blame on others for her “misfortunes” to a Happy, Joyous Abundant and Grateful middle aged Yorkshire girl.

It’s the second day in the part of the jigsaw to living from the inside out. If you buy into this practice and make it a habit. It helps through the tough times and is great for the fab times. In short it is the key to becoming truly empowered.


I recall being at a seminar and hearing the following.
Larry Wingett Quote

This is the attitude of gratitude in its purest essence but let’s look into it a little bit deeper.

It isn’t just about blithely going through life with a smile on your face chanting that you are grateful for all things as and when they happen. Because if it were that simple we would never have problems or insecurities.

We all have those insecurities, or you wouldn’t be here.

However It can become that simple. The essence of the gratitude that you feel on a daily basis does make life easier. It made the grieving for my lovely mum a gentler process. It makes the caring for my wonderful dad easier and it makes the coping with my ASD daughter so much fun and although I wouldn’t use the word easy it is certainly a path I wouldn’t change for the world.

Having an underlying current of gratitude running through your soul / spirit / body / mind or whatever you want to call it, is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

Feeling gratitude is different to showing gratitude and paying lip service.

Once you feel the gratitude you don’t “have” to show the gratitude.


That’s because it’s there it’s part of your essence and your personality and so it doesn’t need showing it doesn’t need flashing around. I’m not saying forget to show manners and say thank you at all. What I am saying is that once the gratitude is there instilled and it is running through your veins it flows with ease and it is a change in attitude and behavior patterns.

Sounds Fantastic?– It is trust me.

So how do you start?

Well for it to become a habit and second nature or first nature for that matter you have to start somewhere and place focus on gratitude and the stuff that you have to be thankful for.

Most people who start out consciously with an attitude of gratitude will do so with a journal and they will start the day recording their gratitude’s. 10 is a good number generally the baseline for starting out. But if you are struggling any small thing is better than nothing at all.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy?
Well to some it is and to others it isn’t. It also depends on how deep you go. I have known people start on their gratitude path and be in a place of stress, anxiety, despair and or depression and they don’t know where to start.

BUT starting An Attitude of Gratitude –Is the first step to empowering your life.

Here are some idea’s on flexing your gratitude muscle to empower your life.

  • Journal  –  List ten things every single day that you are grateful for. It is easy to over complicate this, but my advice would always be to start simple then it will begin to flow. You have a pen and your journal, you have electricity, you have a toothbrush, you have food in the fridge, friends, family, social media and a means of reading this. The list really is endless.
  • Walking Gratitude – I will often do this when I am out walking with my dog or if I am out running. With one step forward  I will say Thank and with the other step I will say You either in my head or out loud the intention is there.
  • Texting / Social Media PDA’s are hugely popular and I must admit not always to my taste but if it works for you show your gratitude for anyone or anything as the mood takes.
  • Meditation – Meditate on your gratitude This is wonderful and works really well especially in healing relationships and feelings of regret.
  • Write a letter – Of gratitude to a person or situation again brilliant for healing past issues or saying thank you to someone in particular. The letter doesn’t have to be posted or sent it can be burnt as a release again the intention is there.


There are many ways and methods and you will find a way that suits you. The key is starting and being mindful about the practice at first. Soon it will become a natural habit and you will notice a change in your inner self
with  calmer, less cluttered thoughts you will become empowered.

Grab a journal or download the Gratitude Sheet to begin your journey.

  • Start each day by recording ten things you are grateful for.
  • Set a reminder in your diary / phone and take 10 minutes to spend some time outside and look around at your world. See things that make you grateful to be right where you are at that moment.
  • At the end of the day record in your journal the best thing that happened that day. Not had the best day? Make sure you record something even if it is that you are laid in bed writing in your journal.

My final tip on the attitude of gratitude.

Do not record the same thing all the time!
Think  about it. If you were to buy a gift for a friend and they really liked the gift. They would say thank you. They would be heartfelt and they would express their thanks to you in a way that is comfortable and suitable to the situation. It is unlikely they will do the same the next time they saw you. It is very unlikely they will repeat the action again and again. It would become uncomfortable and I doubt authentic if every time you met or spoke they repeated their thanks for the gift.

Therefore it would be exactly the same if you were to repeat the same gratitude’s every day. It would be uncomfortable and would no longer be authentic.

Keep your attitude of gratitude authentic.

Thank you for reading and now spread the word.

Leave a comment below of the three things you are grateful for at this moment.

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