Can the Attitude of Gratitude Change your Life?

Attitude of Gratitude

Count your Blessings

We have all heard our parents and wise elders saying.

Count your Blessings or You don’t know how lucky you are.

And we don’t.

Or do We?

What if we were to actually count our blessings every day. Could there be a tangible difference? Could we make life changes just by altering our mindset and outlook on life?

Over a year ago I started a group based on the third book by Rhonda Byrne The Magic.

A 28 day programme of activities all underpinned by gratitude.
It was a secret Facebook group initially for a few friends to try an experiment. It grew exponentially and Empowered Magic was born.

So what happens if you start using gratitude on a daily basis when you start from a place of absolute lack, stress, anxiety and deep dark depression?

One member of the group Lisa started out from this place and she agreed to share her story and  success.

At the beginning of her journey she was

Separated from her partner
Suffered the loss of her mother.
In a Job she hated
Fell out with her best friend
Thinking of ending it all.

I received an email.

I’m off work with anxiety and a bit of depression and I can’t really see happy things. Can you give me a bit of direction – of ideas of where to look – I’ve no partner and the only family I have is my boys that came to the top of my list – please can you give me some other areas to be thankful for x hope this makes sense – thank you

Part of my reply consisted of

I can understand how you feel at the moment stick with it AND I PROMISE the fog will clear. I went onto give details of basic’s to start with.

The basics are often overlooked with gratitude. Many people think that to be grateful there has to be something big something exciting and something that isn’t the norm. But when you are starting out it is the stuff you don’t think about that needs to be on the list.

Clothes, Food, Shoes, Windows, Paper and Pen to write those gratitude’s down, Family, Eyes, Music, TV.

Start basic, eventually the wonder at the world around will filter through.

Attitude of Gratitude Progress Report

I struggled every day for the first couple of weeks writing out my 10 gratitudes, as all I did was either lay in bed or on the sofa…there’s only so many thanks you can give for your fat arse sofa surfing. I gave gratitude to my sheets, my pillow, occasionally my toothbrush and toothpaste if they got luckily enough to get used… occasionally my shower, my dirty windows, a pile of dirty washing, dishes in the sink, those were all the things that was my life at that time….. I felt I didn’t deserve anything good but I kept on writing. Despite my lack of motivation I turned a corner and slowly but surely my health started to improve. I continued to give thanks… to the postman, to online banking, daytime TV, the bin men, the cats, the weather, in fact everything in my small little world at that time… I think I was too ill at first to notice the subtle changes that were beginning to creep up on me.. I did every activity as requested with as much enthusiasm as I could. I made a gratitude diary and also logged my health, how I was feeling, what I ate and all of those things I gave gratitude to.. Then just like a magic wand had been waved and fairy dust sprinkled all over me the magic started and oh my god it came and hit me like a tidal wave….. I was riding the wave of life and the universe had shown me the way!


I posted 28 daily activities to the Empowered Magic Page,  I was available for consultation support and as a sounding board.
The group worked together. Some fell by the wayside. Those that fell off the wagon? I presume they are pretty much the same as before the programme started.

We share information, motivation and thanks for every minute of every day. That doesn’t

Acceptance and Love

Practice the attitude of gratitude

mean to say we don’t feel stresses and strains of everyday life. It doesn’t mean to say that we don’t feel grief or sadness. Of course we do.

It’s not a cult.

The grief, sadness and stresses we feel them with gratitude with an awareness of our emotions. It’s way of looking at things from a lighter perspective.

With this different outlook, an attitude of gratitude with a dollop of openness, profound and life changing events took place for Lisa.

Here is a further update.

I appreciate all that I have as I have everything I ever wanted. My manifestation skills are amazing – I always get what I want I just never know how I’m going to get them – that’s the surprise. I feel that I have a natural sense of peace and happiness now, I am happy with who I am, life feels good all the time. If there’s something in life I’m not happy with then I write a list of all the positive things that would come out of it them let the negative points go, this was really hard to do at first but with practise it got easier…. I share generously with everyone, I believe that what you give will always come back to you as long as your grateful in the first place, I still write my journal of daily gratitudes, I give thanks as I walk,

I plan adventures and off I go giving gratitude all the time…

The past has now gone, I keep hold of the good memories close to my heart, I’ve let go of the bad and I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I hold no grudges, I try my hardest not to complain, I stay positive as much as I can, I speak to strangers, I say hello and wave to people, I smile at other car drivers, I will chat to people in a queue, I will try do a good deed where ever I can – I am magic and I love it! I love my life as I allow and invite good in to it.

 My motto is buy a plant and water it! It’s time to grow, If it doesn’t make you happy let it go!

Just don’t forget to write your daily gratitudes and make sure you feel it deep down within your soul.

The changes are indeed profound and I feel proud and privileged to have been a conduit to the changes that have made such an impact on this Lisa’s life. She has gone from being a reclusive, suicidal, and ill individual to someone who is really living and loving the vitality and abundance that is her life. I am very humbled by her honest and heartfelt words, and I am thankful for her openness and willingness to share with us today. Thank you Lisa!

Phenomenal life changes from following the advice of our parents, having group support and living with grace and gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude

I can show you how the Attitude of Gratitude can change your life

To find out more about out how gratitude can enhance and propel your life forwards let’s talk.

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