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This morning I was a guest on BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast show for their new feature throughout October. Accentuate the Positive
Because hey, today is the first of October. I know, I am not the first to say this but how? just how the hell did that happen?

With no real measures of time since the spring when the country went into lockdown and the restrictions we are still under the days, weeks and months have simply floated by. There have been none of the usual measures, no summer holiday countdowns, just concern and cancellations, no school proms, no leavers assemblies, interrupted football season and no promotion parties. The whole of the sporting calendar is confusing, to say the least, and the weather seems to have joined the party to confuse us even more. Today there is glorious sunshine and bright blue sky. The washing is on the line and the temperature belies the date.

The Final Quarter

When Dan the producer of the breakfast show called me on Monday to ask if I would like to be involved in the feature, I was indeed a little taken aback that indeed, just three days later we would officially be in the final quarter of the year. How could it be?

So what was I to speak about as I will be honest I started lockdown enjoying myself. Noticing the savings financially as I was not out and about all the time, no rushed meetings, expensive transport costs and over-inflated coffee stops. I was saving money spending time with my family and enjoying being at home. Granted, it was a bit crowded and our poor Ruby dog was feeling overwhelmed with the humans constantly in her space. She is old she just wanted peace and quiet! But on the whole it was going as well as could be expected. I was having fun and this was reflected in my Diary of a Lockdown Life Coach Blogs.

But of late with all the changes, the fear portrayed in the media and witnessed around me I was beginning to feel jaded. My head was overwhelmed, there are family pressures, I am a hugger and bum pincher I like to have contact with people, real people and see the whole of their faces. The wearing of masks has totally knocked my confidence, and love of my fellow humans for six.

Most Positive Indeed

So I had to dig deep before I said Yes to Dan, he said I was one of the most positive people he knew, I come across as happy and confident and seeing the positive in situations. I do, I know I do, but at that moment was I truly feeling it?

I agreed to go on air on Thursday 1st October and be the first guest of the series, at 7.30 am luckily it was by phone as I knew I would still be in my PJ’s with hair unkempt and morning breath.

Reasons to be cheerful?

My task was to give three reasons to be cheerful and happy about the current situation. The idea of bringing joy and positivity to the listeners and spreading the happy vibes. That is totally what I am about. So I went with it and marked it in my diary.

When I spoke to Dan I may not have been feeling the love of the moment. But a mantra I use regularly and with clients to is “this too shall pass” I know everything is temporary be it a pandemic, the weather, the seasons or indeed our lifetime.

So happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow are simply part of the path we walk. If we embrace and understand that mantra often attributed to Abraham Lincoln but originating from a Persian adage. We can understand the flow of life and experience it all.

Now I was going to write a blog last week entitled Sadness is back. A reflection of a blog I wrote around the time my mother was in a nursing home and reaching the end of her beautiful life. Sadness was there and it was there for a long time. I realised last week that Sadness was back, it hadn’t really left me since my Dad passed away almost a year ago. Add in the restrictions, the drama of having a house full, new ways to communicate and negotiate business and oh yes middle-aged hormones I realised Sadness was here and it had a pretty keen grip of my heart and soul.
But also joy, happiness and gratitude are all around. We just have to dig deep sometimes to remind ourselves of that.

I think that the feature on Radio Sheffield is so important.

We cannot feel Sadness or Anger or Regret at the exact same time as Happiness, Love and Acceptance. If it helps one person to view things from a different perspective, to reframe their outlook or to see the opposite to what they are thinking then the feature will be a worthwhile and much needed.
7.30 am this morning, still with bed hair, PJ’s on and a hot cup of tea in my hand I was a less than glamorous guest on BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast with Steve White. It was ok as I was in my cupboard come home office where I have become quite adapt at the less is more look.

So what did I go with? What were my three things?

1) I did a two for the price of one here. The man-boy is in his second year of an apprenticeship in plastering he is in a great placement with a fabulous team at Rosewoods Plastering.  He like many teens doesn’t have it easy at the moment, social life restricted furloughed for a while, but I am proud of him. Our tween-girl has just started a specialist school to meet her needs and is doing really well she loves it, is eager to go to school and that has a huge positive impact on the whole family.

2) The Good Life – Our Allotment has been a godsend to us over the lockdown and as total novices, you would have to see our cauliflowers to understand our pride and excitement.

3) Finally being able to adapt my business and still see clients – speaking to them via zoom, over the screen. They are comfortable in their homes, I am comfortable in my new home office and we make changes that are measurable and life lasting. I have also launched The Power of Three Online  and that is so exciting for me.

So Yes Sadness, Stress Worry and so much more may be here but. It too shall pass and when it does there is always something positive to fill the gap.


Listen to me in action

It is always possible to Accentuate the Positive Listen in to the piece via this link at 1hr 35 minutes into the program. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08rjc6x

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