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Meet Elaine …

The Empowerment Coach

I used to drive around the streets of South Yorkshire applying make up to women and some men. They said I made them feel like a million dollars. But I knew once the make-up had faded the same old insecurities would surface.

Self-doubt, lack, feelings of not being good enough and much more.

How did I know?

Because I felt the same way. I would put on my face, my mask and go about my life, just like everyone else. That is what most people do isn’t it? Not really taking into consideration their personal needs, desires and inner most thoughts.

Always putting others first?

This can prove difficult when we need to “show up” in our life at important events or we have a business to run and feel paralysed by the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Helping women build a business, the same women who were too afraid to ask their partners for money to pay for their kid’s school trip.

Some women who had careers but they wanted something to fit around their children. Or some who simply wanted the nice things in life and a way of earning that was fun and empowering.

Discovering that I was a natural inspiration and source of motivation. If someone lost their mojo I could help them find it.

I found I was significant, I was worth it and above all I was really good at helping others drop their feelings of insignificance.
That was back in the day and I have grown and developed so much since then. Undertaking training, personal development and becoming a life coach.

The Power of Three

I discovered a way of life that meant I could be totally authentic. I could show everyone who I was without that mask. I call it the Power of Three and I base my business around it.

It helps me and many other female entrepreneurs, mums and women just like you and me feel empowered to live their own life sharing the best times with those who are near and dear. No exclusions, everyone is entitled to growth, unconditional love and of course fun in their life.


Working with me

Working with me can be challenging. I expect your commitment I expect your honesty and I expect rapid and sometimes dramatic changes in your life and business. As I help you drop the guilt, throw away the self-doubt and step up to being your true empowered self.

I am in this 100% we will laugh, we may cry and we will grow together.

Ready to empower your life, living it with ease joy and gratitude?

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