A Good Mother

I saw a meme the other day –

It made me question

It made me a little bit cross and

It made me write this post

It said.

A mother doesn’t put her kids on hold
In Order to Pursue her 
Own Dreams

She puts her dreams on HOLD 
So that her kids can REALIZE Theirs.


It  kept niggling away.

It niggled because it was so full of BS. The smell crept into my phone, and it stayed their long long after I had scrolled and closed down the app.

It niggled because there were people who liked it. Those people agreed that mothers shouldn’t pursue their dreams and live their lives unless this meant living their life through their kids.

It niggled because I have NEVER seen a similar meme stating

A good father

How many likes for this baby?


Have you ever seen a meme stating that a father should put his life on hold to bring up his children?

I very much doubt it

It niggled because, I had to question as to why I was so niggled about the bloomin meme.

The reason is –

A good mother, an empowered authentic mother. Does what ever she feels is right to bring up her children. Be it living in the public eye, Being a Stay at Home mum who takes her kids from club to activity.  Working multiple jobs to support her family  –  That is the niggle.

Imagine showing that Meme to

Karren Brady – A working Mum who followed her dreams working in the predominantly “men’s world” of football.

Michelle Mone – Went back to work behind her desk at Ultimo within a week of giving birth.

Elaine Mitchell – Presented a training meeting for my team two days after our son joined our household.

The Rowing Mum’s – Four mums from Yorkshire who rowed across the Atlantic. Yes really check them out amazing.
They had a dream, followed the dream, realised their dreams. I would bet their children are proud of their mums. They see their mums have paved the path of their future, showing that dreams can be realised if you follow them. Does that make these mum’s inferior to other mum’s? Are they lacking in love, support and empathy for their kids? In my eyes they have shown their kids that anything is possible Go For It.

  • An Empowered Mom, will do what ever she feels is the right thing to do for her children’s welfare and mental health.
  • An Empowered Mom, will follow her own dreams and ground her children with family values.
  • An Empowered Mom, will be a stay at home mum and bring her children up
  • An Empowered Mom, will work and bring her children up.
  • An Empowered Mom, will parent her children as she sees fit without the judgement of others, without the judgement of meme’s and without the guilt of putting her dreams on hold.

No parent should put their life on hold whilst bringing up their kids. Their children are part of their life and it should be full of sharing, caring, encouraging, and dreaming together. It doesn’t matter what the dreams are they could be to get through a weekend with no squabbling or climbing a mountain. (both are a challenge I know)


My Take is.

A Good Mother

What is your idea of an empowered mom? Leave your comments below and let me know.

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