Clear Visualisation is a positive tool to have in your tool box

Clear Visualisation is a positive tool to have in your tool box

Visualisation is the name of the Game

Yesterday was a family day with my sister and my two children aged 12 and 6. It was an indulgent day for myself and sister, we went to Manchester to see the TV recording of Ninja Warrior UK.

Indulgent because

  1. I am a football fan and so are the hosts Chris Kamara who is probably the funniest unintentional man on TV and Ben Sheppard who I have a bit of a crush on (note to self must complete that application to Tipping Point)
  2. It was Ninja Warrior and there would be fit people running around flexing muscles and getting wet too.

However I digress. I have never been to a TV recording before and it was quite enlightening the work that goes into pulling together a programme.

It requires planning and preparation, audience co-operation and it also requires lots of visualisation. All held together by a very professional and warm warm- up man. We had to chant and cheer at imaginary competitors as they pre-recorded the audience applause ready for dubbing into the series.

Over 1000 screaming people partaking in a joint visualisation of competitors we visualised them jumping the stepping stones, completing the final hurdle known as The Wall and welcoming them into the arena.

Ben and Chris looked dapper and were genial. Let the games begin..

First few competitors were the comedy value, failed at the first hurdles lots of splashing and laughter. This went on for quite a while probably 10 competitors. 10 men and women failing at the first or second hurdle. Did they fail because they had no hope of finishing the course? did they fail because the organisers had wanted the audience to react exactly as we had, sharing the laughter the ouches and the sympathy for the failures.

Eventually he arrived

A fit, toned young man with his top off (Yay for me and sister)

The audience held their breath – We had been primed by the warm-up man that this next competitor was a favourite to complete the course. We were not disappointed. He made a mockery of the stepping stones, he made mincemeat of the dreaded curtains where all previous competitors had failed.  He bounced across the bouncy things and then there he was right in front of us.

The Obstacle that no one had completed before

It consisted of

  • A trampette jump,
  • Grab floating handles
  • Cross the upside down cargo net.

We were going wild, we were excited, no competitor had been so far down the course before. We knew how to cheer, we had visualised this moment an hour before.

Then he paused.

He paused at the foot of the trampette and he saw the obstacle in front of him. He acted out in his mind and with his body making the jump to the cargo net and proceeding to the end of the course. He visualised achieving what none of the previous competitors had done before.

I was beside myself, I had witnessed the act of visualisation in a competition and it worked!
He bounced off the trampette, he caught the handles he swung onto the cargo net he conquered the cargo net and then he finished the rest of the course.

All this and he was topless too.

After the successful competitor three others then went onto complete the course. They had seen that it could be done and a self-belief was instilled into them.

So there you go folks visualisation works.

It worked in three ways yesterday in that arena.

  1. The TV company had a vision of how the audience would respond and react to various competitors, they pitched each competitor to the audience at the correct time and stage of proceedings to get the audience participation required.
  2. The audience knew what to do when the competitor was needing encouragement and support, we had practiced our technique during the recordings of crowd sound.
  3. The competitor knew how to complete the course. He had visualised the course and the obstacles that were ahead of him and done a run through in his mind.
Come back tomorrow for a free visualisation recording.

Come back tomorrow for a free visualisation recording.

Visualisation is such a fantastic and useful tool to have in your tool bag.

I will be sharing with you a visualisation technique exclusive for you on the next empowered blog so come back tomorrow.

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