7 Days of Empowerment

The anticipation is almost over fair reader as the launch of the 7 days of Empowerment is almost upon us.

Tomorrow Day one will commence.

7 Days of Empowerment.  What does it really mean? I have already shared with you some of my inspirations on yesterday’s post.
I have told you about Forever Revelling in Excitement Everyday. Being totally FREE.
I have told you about the life enhancement made in the Empowered Magic group we have.
Now it is almost time to help you on the road to an empowered life.

An empowered life is being authentic, having integrity, the inside reflects on the outside.  Some people struggle with this they know inside what they want to say, want to happen or want to strive for.
But fear holds them back, fear of retribution, opinions, expectations, change , success the list is endless and can get exponentially develop and paralyse  if allowed.

Far better to allow your confidence, gratitude, self -belief, self-esteem, excitement, abundance and your zest for life to exponentially grow.

Sounds Good?  Are you in? You Are? ………………………………………………….Fantastic!!

I can’t wait for you to join me.

Today was a very exciting day in the Mitchell household. About 4 weeks ago I found around few caterpillars on my Dad’s cabbages. We brought 4 home with some cabbage leaves popped them in a jar along with some sticks.

The start of something big?

The start of something big?

We waited and eventually to much excitement they formed their chrysalis’s. We checked on line they should develop as butterflies in around 2 weeks. Today was the day!
There were three perfectly formed butterflies in the jar.  We placed them on some leaves in the garden and watched as they got the strength in their wings and they dried out.  Then without any doubt in their abilities they fluttered their wings and flew off on the big adventure of their life.

Now I don’t know what will become of the butterflies, but I do know this. They did exactly what they were meant to do. They ate an awful lot of my Dads produce whilst a caterpillar, they got themselves secure and safe whilst going through a transformation. When the time was right they had strength, they soared and flew out into the exciting world before them.

Ready to start your empowering transformation? Remember to check in tomorrow with the following.

  • A Journal, diary or word document.
  • An open mind
  • Commitment to complete the 7 days.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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See you tomorrow

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