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Have you heard?

I have published my first book.

The 7 Days of Empowerment Book

It may not be War and Peace.

It may not be Fifty Shades

But. It can change your life and have a positive impact on it. Simply commit to the 7 Days of Empowerment Programme and be consistent with your actions.

This book is my first guide to living an empowered life.

The underpinning factor is gratitude, but it is much more than thinking of a few things to be grateful for each day.
It is about creating a habit that will open up your peripheral vision, enabling you to see the opportunities available as an empowered soul.

It is about seeing the world through the same eyes, but from an empowered vantage point.

It is about listening to the whispers of your soul and becoming your true authentic self.

So how do you get that from a few pages in a book? I hear you say.

Simple; I reply Do the actions on those few pages.

Not another self development book! I hear you exclaim.

Yes!  – But  It is presented in an easy to follow format that flows to have an impact, complementing the previous days activity.

I’m sure I will have heard of some of them before. I hear you I really do!

Maybe you have, but sometimes – You have to hear something at exactly the right time for it to have an impact.
Sometimes you have to hear, see or read something in a certain way for it to have an impact.

Is this your time?

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you

Empowered Souls 7 Days of Empowerment.


OK, So how do I get the best from the book? You ask.

I will tell you – I retort…

Here is my simple guide to getting the best from your 7 day experience.

Whilst you await delivery of your book.

  • Make sure you follow join the Empowered Souls family over on Facebook
  • Buy, create or find yourself a pen that is comfortable to hold and you enjoy writing with.
  • Buy, create or find yourself a notebook / journal that you will be happy to write in with your precious pen. – Take this bit seriously as I bought a cheap as chips journal that I loved, for my next one I paid quite a hefty price and didn’t like how it sat on my desk when I was writing the spine was too stiff, the paper inside was a bit thin and I just didn’t like using it. So went back to cheap and cheerful. That is not to say that a beautiful expensive journal will not suit you perfectly.
  • Once you find a journal / notebook that you love keep it with you throughout the day’s along with your pen, ready to journal anything throughout your 7 days.

Hurrah – once your book has arrived.

  • Read it from cover to cover. Remember its not 50 Shades  so it can be read in one go if you like.
  • Make sure you have read the forward by the lovely Lisa. Her story is inspiring, authentic and heartfelt.
  • Once you have an idea of the activities and the reasoning behind them set your start date.
  • Commit to carry out the activities each and everyday for the next 7 days.

Yay – It’s Your Empowering Start Day.

  • Get out your lovely pen and journal.
  • Begin your empowering 7 Day Journey.
  • This is your journey – Your time to set aside for yourself to carry out activities, that will enhance your emotional well-being and mindset.
  • Pop a note on the Facebook Page and let me know how you are doing.
  • If you have any questions get in contact

After the 7 days of Empowerment

  • Pop a note on the Facebook page and let us know how you feel the week has been.
  • Decide what you are going to do from here – Which activities will you continue to use.
  • If there were activities that you didn’t enjoy or didn’t sit well with you – Was there a specific reason does this area need more work? Can I help at all?
  • Would you like to discover more about the subject matter?
  • Would you like to engage in personal coaching to embrace further empowerment? Simply get in touch.


The book Empowered Souls 7 Days to Empowerment is available now to order.

Elaine Mitchell 7 Days of Empowerment

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