It is Independence Day in the USA

The Oxford definition of Independence is
self-government, self-rule, home rule, separation, self-determination, sovereignty, autonomy, freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency,
self-reliance, autonomy, freedom, liberty.


Applying that definition to ourselves as an individual will fully facilitate inside out thinking. What is happening on the inside impacts the reaction to what is happening on the outside. Most people most of the time function in reverse. What is happening outside impacts what is happening inside.

To be truly independent we need to tie in the learning of yesterday and combine them with a different way of thinking. The application of these processes and being Independent will see you gain.

Authenticity, Self Sufficiency, Freedom, Liberty, Self –Governance,
Self Rule and Resilience.

I recently witnessed a Road Rage. A bus was heading down the road, a car in the opposite direction. There wasn’t enough room for both to pass. There was shouting, a standoff and an abundance of Stress.

Neither driver would back down and the stress and inconvenience was spilling over to other road users, passengers on the bus and children walking to school.

No doubt when it had settled both parties would go about their day with the stress hormone of cortisone flooding their bodies, higher blood pressure, sweaty palms and a grimace or frown….
The driver of the bus may well have taken his mood out on his passengers and his vehicle. The driver of the car may well have taken the stress into their place of work and then  home with them to their family.

One stand off – one day spoilt – Simply by two people thinking outside first. Rising to the bait of a stressful situation.

What if one of them had simply raised their hand reversed and allowed the other one to pass?

The alternative could have looked like this.

The other driver would have smiled – the smile would have been returned with maybe a nod of the head in acknowledgement.

Those actions would have released endorphin’s rather than cortisone.

The kids wouldn’t have been witness to x rated language.
The other car drivers wouldn’t have been held up.

That is a result of inside out thinking.

Allowing the situation to still be there – the road didn’t get any wider but the solution could have been  found by someone observing the situation and doing something from the inside. It shouldn’t be judged as the right or wrong thing but the thing that was of the most benefit to the situation.

Yesterday I promised you the step by step guides and plans to help

It is simply to live inside out. To work on the inside, call it your soul, your heart centre, your intuition, your fight or flight, your essence. Whatever you want to call it –It’s fine by me it is whatever fits and feels right in your mind.

But it will mean work – There is no magic want to waft and your thought processes are transformed. BUT if you want to begin this journey of an inside out life. Believe me it is worth it.

Nothing will happen overnight the change is gradual – But one day you will be in a situation and you will observe yourself thinking from the inside out and you will give yourself a little smile, a virtual pat on the back and maybe even a Ta Dah as you have reacted in the way that suits you perfectly.

The way to live from the inside out and to therefore change your life so that stress is no longer an issue as you know it, is to follow the Power of three.

These simple rules that are the baseline to my entire coaching practice.
I use the rules personally and they have absolutely changed my life to one of self -empowerment.



The Power of Three


A word that conjures up images of serene beings crossed legged eyes closed and ohmmming to themselves for hours on end. Believe me that is not what it is like. I must admit I love that sort of meditation but I also love many other types of meditation including the ones that release endorphins as a sweat is built up. Tomorrow I will be sharing the benefits of meditation to suit different personality types.  Plus the impact it can and will have on your life in general not just the level of stress that is present in your life.


Everyone has something to be thankful for be it a screen to read this post, food in the fridge and freedom to an opinion. I will share on the 6th July how holding heart of gratitude will enhance your life to be an abundant one. Gratitude changes lives no doubt about that.

The Law of the Worlds

This – This is one of my favourite subjects to speak about. It is so simple and when this law is followed, Stress is absolutely no longer a factor of concern. Tune in on the 7th July for this gem.


Have I teased you enough? Here is a link to get you going. Check out the page and give the Black White Breathing technique or audio a try. Once you have mastered this it can be used anywhere, especially in situations where stress would normally arise

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