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Lets work together

What is it like to Work with Elaine Mitchell?

Elaine has helped me massively with my confidence and goals. I realise that I can achieve anything I want I just need to believe in myself. I feel Elaine has helped me make a lot of progress in a short time. Thankyou!”
Hannah, Wise Choice Nutrition

Let me be your cheer leader, minus the pom poms, the short skirt and the ability to do the splits of course.

How we work together

077 69 311 823

How does it get better than this? Do you know where you want to be? Or what you desire from life?  Do you know how to get there? Life get’s in the way, family and work commitments, maybe financial constraints too? Can’t see the wood for the tree’s?
When did you last listen to the whispers of your soul?

My job is to challenge you, to help you set and reach goals, to help you see the great and the good in everything you do,
I will probably make you laugh,
I will give you food for thought and I will be honest with you and  Empower progression.
Working with me is about the natural flow of your life, making your heart and soul sing.
Its all about you and your journey.

Empowerment Express

Not sure if empowerment coaching is for you with a high impact coach such as myself?

Then book a complimentary 45 minute empowerment express session. 

The session will highlight your areas for development and confirm if we can work together in the future.

You will leave with a “Power of Three” 3 steps to work on for self-improvement.


Contact me for further details – 077 69 311 823