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What do they Say

Testimonials from clients, colleagues and  friendships made. 

Anne Wing Entrepreneur 

After just one session with Elaine I felt a complete transformation. Prior to our session I was feeling lost and stuck with my business.

Elaine was able ignite my passion for my business and my belief in myself. She helped me focus on what I needed to do to grow my business whilst remaining true to myself. She helped me to set a goal that challenged and excited me and then showed me how to break that down into smaller goals that would help me towards that goal. She helped me connect with, why I wanted to do my business and what it would mean to me to achieve my goals.

I left the session feeling re-energised, more passionate about my business than ever, more confident in my ability and generally happier.

Elaine is extremely passionate about what she does and genuinely cares and wants to see all her clients achieve their potential and has the skills to help her clients do just that. She has this amazing ability to make you feel better for being you.

Whether you are feeling lost and looking for some direction, want to grow your business or want help with your confidence and developing yourself, Elaine is defiantly the person to go to see. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Elaine and excited for what the future holds.

Clare Wildman Life Coach Milton Keynes

You understand how much children need time to just be. That they now experience so much pressure from an early age & you provide them with the tools to manage that, to calm themselves for a moment of peace. With the potential for introducing this to families & schools you will make a huge difference to the world of today & the future.

You have a way of introducing techniques that some may find ‘way out’ & ‘scary’ in a very down to earth & practical way. Keep sharing that unique brand of you, the world needs so much more of it!

Alison Turner Businesswoman Sheffield

You are an inspirational woman , who has an amazing ability to lead by example , building a successful business whilst juggling family life and putting motherhood first and foremost.
You empower women , build self esteem and give women of all ages someone to admire & aspire to be like .

Wendy Ward Let’s Save 
You possess the ability to calm groups of children and adults with words, spirituality and control techniques. You equip people with the ability to change their focus by considering the unconsidered of what is possible. You have a unique fusion of Yorkshire common sense and ethereal spirituality, which is contagious; never stop doing what you do.

Nicola Reiki and Networking Client

You are a lovely lady, positive, inspirational, motivated, helpful and kind, you truly want to make everyone a happier, self possessed individual who is proud and pleased to be themselves. You reiki sessions are peaceful, relaxing and healing, if there were more people like you the world would be a happier and healthier and I love sarcasm, so don’t lose that bit either.


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