Online Coaching Programme

The Power of Three Gratitude Acceptance and Detachment.


Mental and emotional well-being.
Positive outlook
Peace of mind.
Builds resilience.
Strength of character.
Reduces worry and stress levels.


Clarity and Calm
Less Stress
No Drama
No Resistance


Inner Peace
Give More
Be More
See and Know your truth

Three words that have been the focus of my life and business for the last five years.
Gratitude. Acceptance. Detachment.
I am excited to launch my fully accessible programme The Power of Three online.

Who needs the Power of Three?

  • There may be nothing in particular wrong but maybe, nothing is particularly awesome either.
  • You feel lost and don’t know who you are anymore.
  • Maybe a change in work, career, business or home life has left you wondering about further change.
  • Many women after having children have lost confidence, and their identity.
  • You feel you come way down the pecking order in life.
  • You just know it is time for change.
  • You want to laugh again.
  • You want to love yourself again.
  • You want to improve communications.
  • You want to get rid of imposter syndrome.
  • You, Yes You! want to do things differently and know it’s time for change.

It is time to put yourself back on the map.

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One to One Coaching with Elaine

I have worked with Clients on a One to One basis on The Power Of Three. My three month signature programme. It is intense and the growth and achievements are phenomenal.

My clients experience enhancements and improvements in the following areas.

Confidence – Self Esteem- Self Worth- Communication Skills – Eliminate Worries – Understanding of Self –
Positive Outlook – Removal of Negative Thinking.

They understand that not everything is going to be sunshine and roses but they can handle it and step into the flow of their life as it was meant to be.
In short they live with Joy and flow every day.
I have brought the principles of The Power of Three to an online course.

If you want something extra
Become a VIP.
I’d love to work with you one on one.


Access to The Power of Three
Lifetimes Access to all modules.
Free Facebook Group Support
Live Q&A
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4 Coaching Calls With Elaine Mitchell


VIP Experience
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