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123 Breath for Stress Management can be carried out anytime anyplace.

Black White Breath incorporating Buddhist principles, Breathing Technique and Visualisation for Well-being

Remember that personalised relaxations and visualisations can be created for your exclusive use.

Breath. It is simple we breathe without thinking, we breathe without attention.
If you were to pay attention for just a few short moments in a day every day.
It will make a huge impact and change to your life. Try it.

A POWERFUL WAKE UP OR IF  FEELING SLUGGISH.                       Breathe Deep

Stand with feet hip width apart.
Legs soft and knees relaxed.
Arms hanging loosely by your side.
Take a breath in
Exhale with a HUH sound.
Repeat two or three or ten times (How ever many you want really)
At every repetition ensure your HUH has some passion and some feeling to it.
If you want and it is safe to do so you can also bring your arms into play raising them on the in breath and letting them fall with the HUH.


Sit in a comfortable chair with straight back and feet flat on the floor preferably barefoot.
Hands on lap or placed on knees.
Close eyes and take attention to your breath.
As you breathe in imagine you are breathing in a white light energy.
As you breathe out imagine you are exhaling Black smoke.
Repeat the white, black  breath for as long as you feel comfortable doing so.
When ready open your eyes and take note of the relaxed feeling that is now in place.

Have in your mind that the black breath out is releasing worries, stresses and strains that you hold in your physical and emotional bodies. As the breath is released, just like smoke it is dispersed into the atmosphere soon to be tiny molecules that can no longer be seen, If they cannot be seen the stresses and strains can no longer be an issue.

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Gratitude Guide

If you start to practice gratitude and if you start to live a life based on gratitude – You will begin to live an empowered life.
Down load this Gratitude Sheet to help you on your way. For more information check out the details on the empowered blog.