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About Elaine Mitchell Life Coach Sheffield

Hi I’m Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach, and Speaker.

Life Coach Sheffield

I love having a coffee with clients & friends.

People say they are drawn to me due to my honesty and integrity, with a dash of Yorkshire grit and common sense thrown in.

I am fine with that as I am very comfortable with who I am. I love my life and everything that is in it. I deal with the good stuff, the bad stuff and everything in between with empowerment and gratitude.

Let me help you do the same

How did I get to be an empowerment coach?

I spent many years driving around South Yorkshire applying make up to Women and some men too. They said I made them feel like a million dollars. Applying make up to present beauty and a confidence.

I knew deep inside that when the makeup wore off they were the same inside. Still with the same insecurities and often feeling like their true essence was hidden under a rock somewhere.
Actually it was deep in their soul often screaming to be heard and seen.

How did I know? Because I was exactly the same, it was my journey too.

Elaine Mitchell Coach Sheffield

Follow your Path with Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach.

I used to sell and apply make up and make people look fabulous. Inside I had a soul screaming for more. A calling to help people change at a deeper level.  So I undertook training and development went on a journey myself and learnt the skills to help people develop and change much more than a lipstick or blusher shade.


I posses natural empathy, along with the ability to see the possible when others see the impossible. I am intuitive and will “get it” long before a client has. I know which buttons to press, which word to use, which words to hear, and what environment will help to you hear the whispers of a your soul.




I work on a one to one basis with women gaining the confidence and empowerment to let their essence shine and show their true colours.

I speak at events, seminars and conferences. Telling the story of a girl bullied, an infertile woman and a sandwich generation carer of her elderly parents with an ASD daughter. With all that going on can you still listen to the whispers of your soul and follow your path? – You bet you can.

I offer workshops and meetings on self empowerment and anything in between. The groups are wonderful and growth is exponential.

I’ve published a book. 7 Days of Empowerment offering guidance on empowerment and gratitude. It is for anyone and everyone a fabulous starting point for all

Secret of Gratitude


Coach Sheffield






So Who is Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Life Coach?

Well I’m a mum, daughter, wife, carer, coach and inspiration born and bred in Sheffield South Yorkshire UK. The youngest of six siblings with a huge extended family.  Happily married to her soulmate Mitch and mum to Tom and Rosie and a springer spaniel called Ruby.

I used to only sing once a week accompanied by my iron and a weeks worth of crumpled up clothes. I was so self conscious. But now I sing out loud (and out of tune) whenever I want to because, well why not?
I love to dance and admit there isn’t much rhythm, but I’ve been known to shake a move in the local supermarket too.
I love being outdoors and the fact that I live close to Rother Valley Country Park is icing on the cake.
I used to jog under the security of darkness conscious of my wobbly butt and thunder thighs.
Now I will jog around my local area and I am not self conscious at all. My thigh are still the same size but my self esteem is exactly where it is meant to be.
I like to meet clients at different venues so we could maybe walk around the country park or your favourite place, where will it be?

Coach Sheffield

Ruby Loves Rother Valley Too.

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