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I'm Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Life Coach and Speaker based in Sheffield

A specialist in helping woman become the best version of themselves.

Find themselves and discover new attributes that have been buried somewhere deep in their subconscious

Life coach Sheffield

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I see my role in the personal development of clients to be that of authenticity.  Helping people to live from the inside out rather than the outside in.

That means that what is inside is showing to the outside world.  Living a congruent life with your heart and soul holding hands with your mind, rather than outside influences and expectations crushing your inner most thoughts and desires.

Helping you walk, skip and dance on your path with confidence and authenticity.

Can you relate? Perhaps we should talk

Dance like no one is watching

And if they are watching give them one hell of a show!!

Empowerment Coach

Dance like no one is watching

As a Life Coach from Sheffield I work face to face with clients in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire

Available for one to one coaching, training workshops, presentations and keynote speaking.

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07769 311 823