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Empowerment Book by Elaine Mitchell

You have heard about that little black book right?
A book that has the numbers of potential suitors

Well what if there was an Empowerment Book?

A  little green book offering support and encouragement to step out of your comfort zone into a life of excitement, on to the path of empowerment. A book that has the potential to change your outlook on life?

There is.

I wrote it!

Elaine Mitchell 7 days of Empowerment

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The book is a  simple 7 day or 7 step ( if you prefer) guide and book designed to help you step onto the path of Gratitude, Grace Abundance and Authenticity.  I wrote it as there was a demand from the evidence provided by clients and those in our Facebook group and the empowered family.

The book is intended as a guide that you read through first of all and then take one step or day at a time to build up resilience, confidence, and the ability to open up to the authentic you.

It is simple to follow all you need is a journal and a commitment to follow the 7 steps. If you follow them your outlook will change. If you complete the full 7 steps and continue to actively carry them out then your life could change.


This book is a godsend and altered my perception of my life –
Nikki follower of 7 days of Empowerment.

The Empowerment  book is only £3.99 available now order direct.