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Are you Low in Confidence – Lack Self Esteem – Do you come way down the pecking order – Want to feel Different about yourself and the world around you -Something Missing? –
Aware that you could do so much more if only….

During my timein Direct Sales , Online Empowerment Course I helped over 100 women build their own business empire. They became empowered women. Not just in their business life but in their whole life.

After training as a coach I continued to help women find their empowerment. See their true worth and become whole again.

That is what I am passionate bout helping women be who they are meant to be, to go with the flow of their life and to be fully authentic. Answering their own questions and walking the wonderful path of their life with confidence and high self esteem.

There is an abundance of  “coaching” out there for women. To facilitate the right mindset to gain focus and determination. To have a mentor is fabulous, to have a trainer is awesome to have a coach as support is pretty damn fantastic

I am delighted to announce that I have devised a plan of action that will combine coaching and mentoring to help women build their confidence not only in work and business but in personal life too because to me that is the most important.

If you are not being truly authentic at the core of your being you can never thrive in your own right.


Because Empowerment

Is about so MUCH MORE than Mindset

It is about learning to accept yourself no matter what. We all do things we are not proud of we could perhaps at times require a pause button. But it is about learning to Accept, Like and Love  ourselves as well as the world around us. Empowerment starts from within and that is what this course is all about.

Yes you have to have the discipline, you have to be positive and you have to have a plan – BUT you know that!

Sometimes when you have many different balls in the air.
Mum, Partner, Carer, Career, Job, Homemaker, Accountant, Friend, Sister, Nit Nurse and so on. You don’t always know where to start.

Guilt slips in and starts to nag away 

If you did it this way, The books say do it that way, I really don’t think I can put that much effort in, If I do that I will miss that.

Been There Got the Tea-Shirt and Read Numerous Books 
I know exactly what it is like. I may not have all the answers but my course will help with some of the questions and issues you have. It will most definitely help with.

  • Personal Development
  • Raised Self Esteem
  • Increased Confidence
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Working with The Law of Attraction in All of your Life!
  • The feeling that “you got this”
  • A holistic vision board.
  • Guilt and the Release of that nasty negative emotion
  • Stepping out of the Blah zone into your Empowerment Zone.
  • Self Love
  • Actually liking yourself and realising you are Good Enough,

Maybe some of the above are buzz words and stuff that you wish you had but feel that don’t apply to you.

But I can and will help you to build your business and create a feeling of empowerment regardless of your home, work or business situation.

What does the Online  Coaching package look and feel like?

  • Daily Inspiration and motivation in a quick email straight to your inbox – Don’t worry you won’t be overwhelmed – It is simply a seed of thought to take you through your day.
  • Twice weekly challenges of  coaching and personal development. I want you to see and feel a difference in your life and biz! Again you won’t be overwhelmed as it is a short activity unless you really go to town – You are in charge. But by the end of the 3 months you see a measurable life lasting difference.
  • Video’s ‘caus I love to support, motivate and help you. It is so much more personal than an email too.
  • Visualisations, Relaxations and ways to keep your cup filled up. They will be yours to download keep and use for as long as you wish.
  • The Secrets of internal dialogue and getting rid of those self limiting beliefs. (Oh this is my favourite topic)
  • Secret Facebook group for peer development – Join in with us, you don’t want to be Billy no Mates!
  • A break at the weekend because we all have a life too and that is so very important.
  • No pressure if you miss some challenges – You have them in your in-box you can catch up.
  • A safe supportive environment where you can develop and grow at your pace without judgement.

Reason behind an online version?

To make coaching affordable and entry level for many.

Yes it is still online coaching but you get a large piece of me I will be there every step of the way and I am accessible.

Personal one to one coaching can often only start when you have a certain income and the time to commit.

Not here! I intend to keep the cost to a minimum – So it’s affordable just drop a couple of coffee’s a week and it’s covered.

I am busy too!
As a mum, wife, carer and springer spaniel owner! This area of my business something I am passionate about. I’m unable to support the mass numbers by personal coaching so I developed the programme.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
I get to help as many women as I can and you all get to grow and develop at your personal pace.

I am a coach (although a little bit quirky)  So therefore coaching is in the mix.

It is Proper online coaching  for your development. 

Therefore you will search for your own answers and run your life to your fit and not how the experts see fit.

Online Affordable Coaching Elaine Mitchell Sheffield
My Crazy Springer Spaniel Ruby

Many of the online courses and development stuff is mentoring and training there ‘aint much coaching in there. Coaching is where the magic happens. It is your progress and your decisions.


When does it launch?

A rolling start date of each Monday so you can join when the time is right.

3 Month online Empowerment Coaching Package £49.99



If you love the sound of Empowered Online but feel you would benefits from one to one personal coaching through the journey an Upgrade is available to include 3 monthly one on one coaching sessions by skype at £149.99. Total Value £200.00 Giving a saving of £50.00.

Online Empowerment Coaching Package, including 3 x Empowerment One to One Skype Coaching Sessions   £149.99

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