Empowered Online

Empowered online was borne out of a need to support women and men from various backgrounds, careers and businesses.

All with the common denominator of wanting to discover more about themselves and release thoughts, feelings and emotions that no longer serve.

Those on the course relate that they like that it isn’t too heavy the emails can be read in a short period of time and the activities carried out twice a week are a fusion of release and growth.

Life Coach Sheffield Video

One of my favourite quotes, Do you agree.

There are some busy professionals on the course as well as business owners mums and carers. They want change but can’t spend hours a day searching within for enlightenment.

Empowered online provides the drip feed that is powerful but not all consuming.

They want guidance, support, challenges and nurturing in a way that is not going to cause overload.

The twice weekly activities and challenges are interspaced with inspiration and insights that will plant a seed of thought.

Empowered Online will implant new thought processes, a different way of looking at “stuff” and most importantly a sense of well-being confidence and belief in oneself.

Is it time to let the authentic you come out of hiding?

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The course provides

A toolbox of techniques to help release the stresses and strains we encounter in our daily life.

A catalogue of relaxations, visualisation and meditations.

A catalogue of video’s to reflect on the subjects covered on the course.

Secret Facebook group for peer conversations and support

The opportunity to upgrade to receive personal coaching one on one with Elaine to compliment the journey of the course.

The activities are designed to be challenging and some will be uncomfortable but this is ok as it means progress is being made.

Andrea – Kangen Revive Business Owner

I am on week four of the Empowerment Online Course. I am finding it very eye opening and liberating. I am completing the exercises at my own pace, which has enabled me to really have a honest look at myself. As I do the powerful activities I find I am identifying feelings, emotions and beliefs that I can now release in order to move forward in all areas of my life. It's great to do it with a group of ladies. In short, to describe my first few weeks in one word “wow”.

Anne Wing - forever business owner and busy mum of three

In just a few short weeks I have seen some great results both personally and with my business.

My confidence has grown as it had dipped after having my third child. Now I feel much more positive and focussed